Speaker profile

Anders Thomsen

CEO, NordicFlexHouse

Thomson is CEO of danish-based NordicFlexHouse. He has previously been station in Shanghai for the company producing energy efficient and sustainable buildings produced in factories in Nordic countries and in China. He is also the facilitator of a Sino Nordic Innovation Cluster (sinobusiness.dk). Prior to joining NordicFlexHouse Thomson worked as Project director, Chief of department within industrialized and sustainable buildings for Danish Technological Institute and as an IT Director at the engineering consultancy company COWI.

Thomsen has been project manager for several international projects. Some of them are described here: An international market study for the European Union within green construction. Development of industrialised and sustainable houses with international strategic partners using modularisation and configuration and automated production facilities. One of these energy plus houses is Worldflexhome, based on old containers transformed into cost effective houses to China market. The Worldflexhome also using water/waste water treatment with circular technologies.