Workshop: Smart Healthcare

The number of seniors and elderly people is rapidly growing in China as well as in the Nordic region. This is huge burden for the societies financially and socially when aiming for social sustainability and demands for increasing liveability.  

On the other hand is a very interesting development...of new forms of housing such as senior co-living communities in the Nordic region. Concepts of co-living  that will improve health and living conditions as a whole.

This session will present challenges, concepts, products and solutions with a human centred and social sustainable approach. From a Chinese as well as nordic point of view. Furthermore a high focus at networking and knowledge sharing .

Moderated by Mr. Per Boesgard, Head of Nordic Region at IHEIA (Int. Health and Environment Industries Ass.) and former Sector Counsellor at The Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing.

Workshop facilitator: IHEIA & ICDK


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