Site Visit: Yantai Mountain and Changyu International Grape and Wine Chateau

Yantai Mountain scenic spot is a local landmark.

Surrounded by seas, the spot is blessed with beautiful scenery featuring vast sea areas, cultural relics and Western-style architecture.

A total of 17 foreign countries, including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Denmark and Japan, have built their own consulates in the spot, making it the only one in Asia with the most well-preserved foreign consulates.

The area is a national AAAA scenic spot that perfectly combines Chinese and Western culture. It is home to a clock museum, a Chipao Museum, delicacies and yachts.

Introduction of Changyu International Grape and Wine Chateau

Changyu International Grape and Wine Chateau, a chateau located in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, has taken the lead in the domestic wine industry.
The Gothic chateau features classic European-style picturesque scenes. In addition to grape planting and winemaking, it is also used for sightseeing, leisure and tourism activities.

The chateau has a 2,700-square-metre underground wine cellar, which is regarded as one of the most modernised in the country. It is equipped with more than 1,400 oak barrels imported from France, Portugal and Spain, as well as advanced barrel washing machines.

To better mature wines and give them a special aroma, the chateau keeps a constant temperature from 12℃ to 16℃ and humidity between 75 and 85%. In addition, it adopts the same winemaking process as French chateaus.


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