Workshop: North by Northeast — A free passage from Norway to China

Climate change and its consequences will fundamentally reshape the Eurocentric understanding of the North. Polar ice caps are melting, and China is coming closer than ever. In this session, we will anticipate different scenarios of a future of the North based on creative conversations between art, science, technology, culture, business and policymaking. The goal is to push cross-disciplinary teamwork beyond its limits and to investigate, discuss, perform, simulate and enact possible futures of new encounters and relations between the Nordics and China, or: A North and what will soon be formerly known as the Far East. By extra polating scientific knowledge, simulating possible scenarios and imagining new forms of creating value it becomes a practical exercise in radically questioning common assumptions while climate change renders certainties impossible and challenges the borders of conventional forms of knowledge production.  

Workshop facilitator: NTNU


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