Site Visit White Peak Yantai Hammarby Eco City

Information about site visits in Yantai on the morning of 24 April.

White Peak Yantai Hammarby Eco City

A 670,000 m2urban redevelopment project, which White Peak, a Swedish fund manager and realestate developer, has entered into cooperation agreement with the localgovernment to develop together in the next several years, incorporating theHammarby Sjöstad concept.

Along with more than5,000 apartments, many functional spaces and facilities are to be built,including green spaces, schools, innovation incubators, community hubs, as wellas sports and recreational facilities. This holistic approach enables thecreation of a vibrant community which fosters creativity and imagination, andwhere people move and socialise. The target is to build a signature smarteco-city that combine advanced environmental technology, community managementand planning philosophy from Sweden with the digital innovations in China.

Four key focus areas ofEco City

Community: Versatilecommunity engagement scenes and rich space for social and networking purposes

Green: Promoteenvironmental protection, utilize renewable energy & resources, greenbuilding materials to create sustainable communities

Digital Technology:Employ advanced digital technology to build a smart and intelligent community

Safety &Comfort:  Create a safe and comfortliving environment both physically and psychologically through exquisite design

Nordic Edge Asia has been postponed

Due to the unfortunate situation with the coronavirus outbreak in China, Nordic Edge Asia 2020 har been postponed.

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Travel Advice for China

Planing for Nordic Edge Asia is going ahead as scheduled.

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Flights between Beijing and Yantai

We suggest that, on April 22 (Wednesday), delegates take the same flight from Beijing to Yantai. Here's the details you need to know.

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